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It was time for a change on my blog yet again and I would love to say thank you to my sis LoneShellCreations for her help with my blog. The kit I am using in my layout came from

Any Taggers Kits are 800 x 800 px, and be stated in the title of the post.
Any Full Sized Kits are 12x12 inch, will not be stated in the post title.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mulberries and Creme Kit

This kit is on sale
Now onto more serious matters,
I have had some serious problems with keeping power supplies in my computer, if I disappear for an extended period of time that would be why. I have replaced the power supply on my computer 4 times now, this is getting ridiculous I am really tired of being gone. Hope this one works for a while.

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